5 Common Motor Vehicle Accident Scams

-T Bone (medium well)

When you proceed through an intersection and a scam artist guns the gas pedal and t-bones your vehicle. When the police arrive, fake witnesses, known as "shady associates" will then falsely claim you were at fault for running a traffic signal or stop sign. 

-Ride the Wave (until it crashes)
When you attempt to change lanes and a scam artist waves you ahead. As you make the lane change, he will accelerate, crashing into your car. When the police arrive, he will deny the courtesy wave, placing you at fault.

-Dual Turn Sideswipe (trading paint)
When you attempt to turn in tandem with a second outer turning lane and you creep outside your lane allowing the scam artist to slam into you and blame you. When police arrive, 'shady associates' are of no help to you!

-Brake Slam (in yo' face!)
When you are driving along and the insane scam artist slams the brakes for no reason giving you no choice but to feel the pain!

-Swoop and Stop (weak sauce)
When you are the victim to a brake slam and a second vehicle with a 'shady associate' pulls up beside to eliminate any chance of swerving out of the way.

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